• 1 pc. Passport size colored picture
  • PASSPORT original (6 mons. Valid)
  • Copy of passport first page
  • Original & copy of valid visa and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the 5 years
  • Birth Certificate NSO
  • Employment certificate (original) (indicate compensation and tenures)
  • Personal Bank Certificate (original)(indicate opening date, average daily balance, type of account)
  • Personal bank statement (original)
  • ITR(Income Tax Return) or form 2316 Copy
  • If personally invited by Korea:
    • Invitation Letter & Copy of Invitor’s Passport
  • If invited by Company in Korea:
    • Invitation & Copy of Korean Company Business Permit

Additional if  Businessmen/Business trip:

  • Business Registration form from SEC or DTI (photocopy)
  • Business permit of Mayor’s permit (photocopy)
  • Personal Bank Certificate (original)
  • Personal bank statement (original)
  • Recent Income Tax Return (photocopy)
  • If invited to Korea: Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original) and 1st page of invitors passport (photocopy)
  • Business registration from korea and business permit

Additional if Doctor:

  • PRC ID

Additional if Students:

  • School Certification (original)
  • School I.D. (photocopy)
  • Bank Certification and statement (of applicant or applicants parents, original )
  • Birth Certificate (if submitting parents documents, photocopy)

Additional if Religious Workers:

  • Certification from the Church or Congregation (original)
  • Invitation Letter from Korea (original)
  • Personal Bank Certification (original)

Additional if Foreign Nationals in the Philippines:

  • Employment Certification (original) or Business Registration from SEC or  DTI  (photocopy) and or Business or Mayor’s permit (photocopy)      
  • Personal Bank Certification and statement (original)
  • ACR / ICR (photocopy)
  • Re-entry permit
  • If invited to Korea: Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original) and 1st page of invitor’s passport (photocopy)

For MINORS traveling with Parents or Guardians:

  • Birth Certificate of minor (photocopy)
  • Photocopies of all documents of the accompanying parents or guardian

NOTE: BPI Gold and Platinum cardholders who can submit BPI Credit card account statement are exempted from submitting Bank Certificate and ITR.

Other fees:

  • SERVICE FEE PHP 1,499.00/passenger

PROCESSING TIME 7 working days (1st time) / 4 working days (frequent traveler)

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